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My mission is to connect people, create positive energy and make memories all over the world. A beautiful life is a collection of unforgettable moments. And together we can create such moments specially for you.

YES - Your Event Planner

YES Private Clients

Organizing a party where everyone feels good and special.

Bringing people, cultures and traditions together to make it a unique experience.


YES - Your Event Planner

YES Business

Bringing positive emotions into your company and unite your team-members.

Organising any corporate event for you: starting from an anniversary to assisting in a trade-show.


YES - Your Event Planner

YES Support

Business development & support for Russian companies in The Netherlands (and wider EU) or for European businesses wanting to develop their business in Russia.


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What clients say about YES

YES - Your Event Planner

It was a great pleasure for me to watch Alina’s career growth in the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Co-operation of the Republic of Tatarstan. In any situation she made every effort to not only obtain a desired result but also take it to a new level.

Alina always set high standards for herself and managed to surpass them successfully. Performing as a consummate professional, she also put her heart into everything she did, whether working on a project or communicating with partners and colleagues.

It was my good fortune to work with Alina and I wish her every success in future that she undoubtedly deserves.

Albina IsmagilovaHead of the Interbank Business Department - AK BARS BANK (PJSC)

I still remember our salsa party that Alina organized for us, girls in Barcelona. Thanks to her talent and creativity, Alina made this evening unforgettable and full of joy and fun! We laughed, danced, ate delicious food and enjoyed ourselves till late in the night!

I wish Alina all the best for the future and hope to attend next incredible party organized by her!

LeilaBarcelona (Spain)

Thank you very much for arranging of our wedding! It was magic. Best master of ceremonies you ever can find! We will remember and talk about our exciting preparation process and about the Big Day for a long time. We are sure that this celebration will stay in the heart of every guest. Alina has an incredible power of attraction, people feel light, comfort and warmth when they are near her. She will sincerely share your most joyful moments and take part in the development of new life history. Despite the distance, we always felt that she was next to us.

Family StorbackaFinland

Alina heeft al twee feesten voor ons georganiseerd. Alina weet de sfeer heel warm en persoonlijk te houden op kleine privé partijtjes! En op grote feesten weet zij een groot aantal verschillende mensen het gevoel van samenzijn te brengen en ontzorgt van alle organisatie en logistiek, wij konden heerlijk genieten van ons feestje zonder stress. Haar ideeën en de uitvoering hebben een super indruk bij mij achtergelaten! Met Your Event Specialist is uw feest groot of klein tot detail en met warm hart georganiseerd.

Alina voelt de sfeer aan en speelt heel kundig in op de stemming van de gasten. Heeft u wel eens gedacht dat u een kloon van u zelf wilt hebben om uw feest of partijtje te regelen? Dan kan Alina uw kloon worden en zelfs meer dan dat!

KristinaAmsterdam (Netherlands)